Franchise Validator

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This book will help you conduct your due diligence and evaluate a franchise opportunity. You need to know what questions to ask during the buying process. This book does not describe the steps of the buying process. Rather, it gives you the questions you should ask at each stage of the process. Only after you ask the right questions, the hard questions, can you determine if the opportunity is in alignment with your goals, and your family’s goals. Ignore magazine articles and blogs with headlines such as, “The 6 Questions You Must Ask…” or 10 questions, 24 questions….what ever it may be. There is no way you can feel comfortable asking only 30 questions to evaluate a franchise when you are pushing $50,000 or $250,000 or a million dollars to the middle of the table.

The book is broken down into chapters that give you the questions you should ask (and why), beginning with what may be the most difficult: “Questions You Should Ask Yourself (and your family)”. It concludes with being prepared for the “Questions the Franchisor Should Ask You”…with literally hundreds of questions you should ask during the process. FRANCHISE VALIDATOR will help you avoid financial ruin and avoid family destruction! An educated buyer makes better decisions. One can never ask too many questions!

Table of Contents

Introduction / About This Book

Questions you should ask yourself (and your family)

3 Questions to Ask Before Deciding Which Franchise is Right for You

What You Should Look For in a Franchisor

Now that you have found a franchise (or two or three)

Questions You Should Ask After Review of the FDD

Questions You Should Ask the Franchisees

Buy A Franchise With Confidence Using these 4 Questions

Questions you should ask your franchise attorney

Questions You Should Ask Your CPA/Financial Advisor

Questions You Should Ask A Franchise Consultant

Questions The Franchisor Should be Asking YOU

Conclusion / Miscellaneous Note (some of which are important)

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